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Hard Cider & Bakery Items
Available at our Main Road, Aquebogue Stand
Every Weekend and Fridays, too!
Bonfires in the Picnic Area
Starting MAY 18th, 2017
We'll be Open Everyday
Except Wednesday
Jamesport Location Closed Til' Autumn


Harvest Times

Our U-Pick season has come to a close - Apples are still available at our Tasting Stands

Varietysort descending Harvest Quality Use
Arkansas Black end of October very crisp, juicy, firm flesh, flavor sharp, aromatic excellent for fresh-eating and good for culinary use
Baldwin October medium to large red apple, sweet and crisp good to very good as a fresh-eating and culinary variety
Braeburn november Rich, aromatic, crisp, breaking and very juicy flesh, moderately tart, improving in storage fresh-eating, processing (sauce, pies, baking)
Cortland September mild flavor, tender, crisp texture, slightly tart fresh-eating, salads
Empire late September medium sized attractive red apple with mild flavor, firm texture. fresh-eating, baking
Fuji late October firm, juicy, low-acidity, very sweet excells as salad and fresh-eating apple
Gala September crisp,dense flesh with mild, sweet flavor fresh-eating
Ginger Gold mid to late August sweet flavor, firm texture fresh-eating, salad
Golden Delicious October large yellow fruit, very sweet, thin skinned fresh-eating, dessert, processing (sauce, pies, baking), freezing
Golden Russet October sugary, dense, rich flesh fresh-eating, cider, storage
Granny Smith late October crisp and tart baking, sauce, juice
Gravenstein August thin-skinned, juicy, breaking and spicy fresh-eating, pies, sauce, baking
Grimes Golden late September rich, sweet, spicy, syrup-like juice fresh-eating, cider, sauce
Honeycrisp mid-September intensely crisp and juicy, sweet and tart balance fresh-eating, salad, cooking
Idared October tangy flavor, firm texture fresh-eating, baking
Jonagold mid-September to October slightly tart flavor, tender texture fresh-eating, pies
Jonamac early September white, firm, crisp, tart and juicy fresh-eating
Jonathan early October Tart and spicy flavor, juicy and crisp fresh-eating, cider, sauce
Lodi mid August tart flavor, soft texture sauce, pies
Macoun late September Mild flavor, crisp texture. fresh-eating, salad, baking, sauce
McIntosh September very spicy, aromatic, slightly tart flavor, crisp texture fresh-eating, salads, sauce, pies, baking
Melrose mid October coarse, sweet, somewhat acidic cooking, fresh-eating
Mutsu October crisp, juicy, tart fresh-eating, sauce
Northern Spy late October tangy, robust, juicy, firm baking, fresh eating, all-purpose
Red Delicious late September sweet flavor; tough, bitter skin fresh-eating, salad
Rome Beauty late September through October thick-skinned, mildly tart and crisp fresh-eating, sauce, pies, baking
Wealthy September lively flavor, coarse and soft texture, sweet aroma baking, freezing, cider, fresh-eating
Winesap October strong sweet and sour contrast, wine-like flavor and aroma fresh eating, culinary use, cider