Ordering Baked Goods


Order your favorites for holidays, parties and family get togethers!

Our baked goods and fresh cider are available to order September through November. Just click on the link above to fill out the order form.

Doughnuts in bulk

Looking for cider doughnuts for an event or party? Fill our the form below and we’ll make it happen!

$10 per dozen, comes in pie boxes, to be picked up the day of the event. If individual packaging is desired it will be an additional $1.50 per doughnut and packaging must be provided. Arrangements can be made to pick up doughnuts outside of regular business hours for an additional fee. 

Bulk doughnut orders must be paid for in advance. Minimum order is 50 doughnuts to be considered bulk.

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Date needed *
Date needed
We make the doughnuts day of so they're fresh.
packaging for individually packaged doughnuts must be provided.