U-Pick Jamesport: Closed for the season. Apple Shed open for baked goods, Cider, and apples. Aquebogue: Mutsu while apples last.

Jamesport is open for picking Saturday/Sunday 10-4:30 pm September 14th through Columbus Day Weekend

Aquebogue is open for picking Monday - Friday 11:30-5pm closed Wednesday. September 23rd-Columbus Day Weekend


For your safety and the safety of others, we ask that you please don’t run, throw apples, or climb trees while in the Orchard. Our trees are semi dwarf so you don’t have to worry about reaching the apples. We also ask that you please stay within the fenced off areas, this is where the ripest apples for that week can be found. Because we charge by volume and not weight, we do not allow outside baskets or bags for u-pick. If u-pick rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave no matter how full your bag is.


How it works:

U-pick bags can be purchased on site. You may not bring your own basket. Once you buy the bag you go to the U-pick gate and fill your bag with apples! We charge based on volume not weight so you don’t have to worry about coming back in after you’ve picked your apples. They are peck (1/4 bushel) sized bags that hold 10-12 pounds of apples. You must have at least one U-pick bag per party in order to enter the Orchard. Each bag costs $16. Entrance into the Orchard is only allowed during the U-pick season of September-October. U-Pick closes a half hour before regular business hours.


what we’re picking:

We pick different varieties of Apples each weekend depending on which varieties are the ripest. Be sure to check back here as well as social media to find out what we’re picking.



Pets are allowed at the orchard in our picnic areas as long as they are well behaved, on a leash and cleaned up after. We do not let pets into the U-Pick grounds.